Printer Data Logger

The development of low cost, reliable data storage cards has revolutionised our use of portable digital equipment such as cameras, mobile phones, music players, etc. It has also affected data capture techniques. Data loggers, event recorders and audit copy systems were once the realm of plotters or digital miniprinters but now, memory sticks or data cards are gaining popularity. They have no moving parts to wear out and do not require constant user maintenance to replace paper rolls or ink ribbons. Electronic data is also easier to analyse, a memory card can simply be uploaded onto a computer for searching or graphing.

Over the past few years there has been a steady migration away from printers for data capture where a hard copy ticket or receipt is not required at the time of the event. Until now, the chanegover has been slow because it usually entails a complete re-design of the data capture equipment to take advantage of the new recording medium. M-Tech Printers, working in conjunction with Isopharm Ltd. can now offer the Securilog Printer Data Logger. This is an RS232C data logger which acts like a virtual or paperless printer. It incorporates a standard printer interface but with a memory card writer instead of a printing mechanism. This simple device has been designed to plug into your equipment instead of the legacy printer and to record the output onto a memory card. To ensure the validity of the record, these data can be encrypted making it possible only to read but never modify the information that has been stored. The firmware can even proof read your printed reports and produce an alert if it encounters user definable words or strings such as 'ERROR', 'HIGH', 'LOW', 'PASSED', 'FAILED', etc.


Securilog-B Printer Data Logger

Features & Benefits

  • Printer Data Logger
  • Available as panel mount, mobile or pcb - suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Recorded data can be encrypted (decryption via Securilog software provided) - can be used for evidential logging
  • COM port connection - Replaces any RS232 printer
  • Alerts based on automatic word search - providing alerts based on pass/fail report parameters
  • Standard SD card - for easy access to data vis PC upload
  • Can be powered via dedicated jacksocket or through the data cable - compatible with modern systems as well as legacy equipment

Securilog Specifications

Format OEM PCB Mobile Panel Mounting
Case Colour(s) n/a White
Card Type SPI compatible SD (SDHC coming soon!)
Card Capacity Up to 8 Gb
Dimensions 58x59x16mm 65x65x28mm 72x64x72mm
cut-out 66x67mm
Weight 32g 70g 105g
Interface Serial RS-232C
Baud Rates 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 or 57600
(default: 9600)
Handshaking Hardware (RTS/CTS), Software (XON/XOFF) or none
Data Connection 10 way IDC (pin 10 can be used for +Ve)
Operating Voltage 5 to 15V DC
Power Connection Centre Positive socket mates with Lumberg 1636-02 plug (Farnell 1200128)(alternatively use the data connector)
Power 100mA max(at 5V), typical 10mA (card dependent)
Operating temperature -25 to 70°C
Software Supplied Securilog application supplied runs under Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8
Config screen for straightforward setup
Reader decrypts (if encrypted) and organises data on the card
Other Features Customisable alerts based on auto searching of text for pre-defined keywords
Software controlled buzzer
Tri-coloured LED to give indication of unit status
Battery backed Real Time Clock