Custom FT and FH Series panel printers - End of Life

October 2022

FH190 impact panel printer

Custom have discontinued their FT190 (thermal) and FH190 (impact) panel mounted printer ranges.

There are no direct, plug and play equivalent products available so users will need to look for alternative solutions.

USA based Mylox Technologies Inc offer a similar (but not exactly the same) form factor to the FH190 with their MLX-PM190II range. Although roughly the same size, migration to the Mylox would require changes to both wiring and software in the host equipment. Unfortuately there are no FT190 alternatives but there is a huge range of other thermal panel printers with different mounting dimensions to consider.

For more details see Panel Mounted Printers selection page.

Woosim DT300 Compact POS Printer ***NEW***

November 2020

Woosim DT300

Woosim have released a new range of POS style receipt printers with Bluetooth interface.

The new range are based on a compact 'cube' design which is the latest trend for boutique retail and hospitality situations. Another recent development is to have a cover over the cable bay to both hide and protect the various connectors.

The large, front opening, drop-down door provides easy access to drop in a new paper roll. It takes a standard 80mm wide by 80mm diameter, thermal roll but a movable paper guide allows the printer to be used with 58mm or 82.5mm wide paper if required. At 300mm/sec print speed it is also one of the fastest POS printers available.

In common with most POS style receipt printers, the range includes USB, RS232 and Ethernet interfacing. However, the DT300 also has wireless connectivity with Bluetooth or WiFi versions. This opens up a whole new range of applications including remote printing, kitchen or fast food ordering or front of house ordering or receipting via Android or iOS tablets.

For more details see Woosim DT300 POS Receipt Printer

Woosim Porti S series End of Life

October 2020

Porti S40

Woosim have announced the end of life for their long established Porti S40 mobile RS232/Bluetooth printer.

The S40 has been one of Woosim's most popular and most successful mobile printer models for nearly two decades. It has been replaced by a similarly compact (pocket) Bluetooth printer with improved battery and paper access. The WSP-R241 is available as an entry level device or the more robust, semi rugged, WSP-R240 model.

Woosim have simultaneously discontinued; Porti SM40, SC40 printers, the 80mm SW40 and the less popular versions of their 112mm printers.

For more details see Woosim WSP-R241 Entry Level Printer

Argox OS-214EX Label Printer

July 2020


Argox have released a successor to their most popular desktop label printer. The OS-214-EX is compatible with the OS-214Plus but includes additional features such as; spill proof lid, recessed rear connections to minimise countertop space, larger internal memory, extra USB connector to add a flash drive for additional external memory.

Contact us now for more information about this compact, entry level, desktop label printer.

More details are available at Argox OS-214-EX Label Printer

REXOD Kiosk Printers

June 2020

Brother Logo

Continuing their mission to offer a comprehensive range of miniprinters for every application, M-Tech Printers have teamed up with REXOD Co Ltd to promote their range of kiosk printer mechanisms and modules.

From their R&D facility and sales office in Korea, REXOD are now looking to promote their highly competitive range to the global market. M-Tech Printers are delighted to have been asked to assist and are adding REXOD products to the already impressive line up of miniprinter products and accessories from leading manufacturers around the World.

REXOD also offer a range of impact dot matrix and direct thermal miniprinter mechanisms that are well suited to replace some 'hard to come by' devices found in some legacy equipment.

More details are available at REXOD Kiosk Printers

Brother Label Printers

August 2019

Brother Logo

M-Tech Printers are delighted to announce that we have partnered up with Brother UK to offer their competitive range of miniprinter products.

Brother are well known for their fantastic office products including ink jet and laser printers, scanners, fax and even sewing machines. M-Tech will focus on the mobile and labelling products but please contact us if you require any other items in their range.

Initial focus will feature the RuggedJet IP54 certified field printers, QL series desktop label printers, PocketJet A4 document scanners and TD series standalone labellers. Other products from the Brother range will be added to the website soon.

More details are available at Brother Printers

POS Printers Update

August 2019

Partner Tech RP630

Partner Tech have once again improved their POS printer line up. The Bixolon SRP-275II remains as their impact dot matrix offering but the RP600 has been replaced by the RP630.

The newer version still offers the choice of 58, 80 or 82.5mm wide paper widths but now incorporates a triple interface offering USB, RS232 and Ethernet as standard. The RP630 also offers a faster print speed (up to 250mm/second) and the capability of handling bicolour thermal paper rolls.

More details are available at POS Printers

We Have Moved!

April 2019

North Wales Coast M-Tech Printers have moved to the beautiful North Wales Coast!

The new location is close to the A55 North Wales Expressway so it's easily accessible. At the same time, the semi rural location offers; clean air, incredible views and a vast range of local amenities. Apart from the obvious benefits for staff welfare, the new premises have more office space and room for more inventory so more of the popular lines can be kept in stock for next day delivery.

The new position is also suitable for solar panel installation and maybe even a small wind turbine, thus reducing even further our carbon footprint. Further details of these installations will follow as they are implemented.

Custom SpA (Italy)

May 2017

Custom Kiosk Printer

M-Tech Printers are now a UK supplier for Italian manufacturer, Custom SpA. We can offer their OEM and Industrial products with direct support from their head offices in Parma.

Custom have established themselves as world leaders in the manufacture of kiosk printers for unattended terminals, events, transport and parking automation. They have solutions for gaming and lottery systems as well as aviation boarding passes and bag tagging. Custom also have a strong POS/retail range as well as their own smartphones and App development.

A continuous programme means that each year, corporate profits are re-invested into research and development activities. They constantly seek new technology to offer their customers a competive advantage through unique and innovative solutions.

More details are available at Custom SpA

POS Printers Update

March 2017

Partner Tech RP600

Partner Tech have reviewed their POS printers. The BTP-M280 impact printer has been replaced by the higher speed, more reliable Bixolon SRP-275II.

Meanwhile, their thermal receipt printers; RP320 and RP800 have been dropped and a new printer introduced, the RP100-300II. The RP-100-300II is offered alongside their very popular RP600 which will continue to be stocked. By comparison, the RP100 is more compact, has a higher printing speed and a lower cost but it has been found that it is not always 100% compatible.

If you are looking for a POS printer for a new application then the RP100-300II is hard to beat. If you are an existing RP600 customer then you might want to try an RP100 next time. It might be a good alternative product for you.

More details are available at POS Printers

Argox Update

February 2017

Argox A3140 Label Printer

For the last few years, M-Tech Printers have only offered the Argox OS Range (Outstanding Series) of desktop label printers.

A new addition to the range is the Argox CP-2140 Compact label printer. More details are available at Argox CP-2140.

We have also added support for the new Argox AME-3230 Mobile Label Printer. Please see Argox AME-3230 for more information.

Special Offer... Epson Impact Dot Matrix Printer Mechanisms

December 2015

Epson impact printer mechanisms

M-Tech Printers have managed to secure a limited quantity of Epson impact dot matrix miniprinter mechanisms at amazing prices.

The models available are; M160 (the classic 24 column impact miniprinter), M190 (the high speed 24 column printer) and the M192 (40 column version).

If you are looking to incorporate an impact miniprinter mechanism into your next project, then we can also provide a powerful interface board (MLX100) for the M190 and M192.

These devices print onto ordinary 57mm wide paper rolls using readily available ERC-09 ink ribbon cartidges.

Contact us now to place your order at ultra-low prices while stocks last.

Epson miniprinters Specification

Product Update... Mylox MLX-2260 - Firmware Update

August 2015

Mylox MLX-2260 panel printer

Mylox have released a significant firmware update for the MLX-2260 thermal panel printer range.

The new features available include...

  • Selectable burn rate - slows down print speed to enhance print density
  • Configurable default form length
  • Software initiated self test facility
  • Software reset - single command to restore factory default settings

The firmware update applies to the revised interface board included in production printers from late July 2015. More upgrades are coming soon....

Contact us for more information on how to use these new features.

MLX-2260 Panel Printer Product Specification

Product Update... Woosim P40 - RS485 Interface

August 2015

Woosim Porti P40 panel printer

Woosim have developed an RS485 interface version of the Porti P40 panel printer.

This low cost, very compact panel printer has been extremely successful in medical, scientific and industrial instruments. We have sold thousands of them over the last 10 years and they have a ridiculously low failure/return rate.

The P40 is available in a white or black case colour and a choice of; 5 or 9V DC power. The standard interface is RS232 but a TTL serial option has been available for some time. The RS485 serial interface has recently been added to the option list to make it compatible with an even wider range of instruments.

The Porti P40 is one of a range of Porti panel printers giving a choice of paper roll widths & diameters in various, compact printer dimensions. There is even a Porti PP- series which offer 12 to 24V DC power and RS232/parallel dual interfaces.

Porti P Printers Product Specification

New Web Page... Applications

June 2015

MTech Logo

We are excited about a new page just published on our website: MiniPrinter Applications and Common Solutions.

The aim of the page is to offer some assistance to the oem or VAR by listing in an easy to understand chart the most popular panel mounted and free standing miniprinter solutions for a wide range of product applications.

We see this as a live document which will evolve over time as we add more real-life applications and the most suitable product solutions based on our (not inconsiderable) experience and the proven results of our customers. We will continue cross-referencing the most suited printers to each specific market sector as we find and satisfy customer's requirements for new products. This means that our applications chart will grow into a valuable resource for design engineers who want to quickly access the best possible MiniPrinter product for their project.

Have a look at our new page now...

Applications... Vehicle Printers

March 2015

Woosim Porti Vehicle Printers

The Woosim Porti KT40 has been a popular vehicle printer for many years. It is easily mountable and can be powered direct from a vehicle making it ideal for taxi receipting, radio messaging, logistics and deliveries.

The KT40 is not new to M-Tech Printers. In fact we have supplied several thousand for use in UK taxis alone. Its stablemate, the PC40 has not been previously featured. It is essentially the same 2 inch print width thermal printer with clamshell easyload paper changing. However, it includes an integral 2 track magnetic swipe card reader (MSR). It can be specified to read tracks 1 & 2 or tracks 2 & 3. This is not used for credit card transactions in the UK (where licensed chip & pin devices are required) but the MSR has been widely used in European taxis and logistics by large firms requiring their drivers to swipe an identification card at the start of their shift.

Find out more about Vehicle Printers...

Applications... Credit Card Terminals

February 2015

Woosim WSP-R240 printer compatible with PayPal Here & WorldPay Zinc terminals

The fantastic Woosim Porti R240 rugged printer supplied by M-Tech Printers can be used with popular mobile credit card terminals such as PayPal Heretm. These small devices link to your mobile phone or tablet to make secure credit card transactions and a receipt can then be printed on the R-240.

The PayPal Heretm service allows you to take card payments for your business anywhere, anytime, using their Chip & PIN keypad and free app. It’s fast, simple and secure. Their terminal links to your mobile device and accepts debit and credit cards as well as PayPal, log cash and cheque payments, issue invoices and send instant receipts.
Find out more about PayPal Heretm...

The R240 is a semi rugged mobile printer. It's double skin casing makes it drop proof from 1.5m. It has a high capacity, Li-ion battery which can be charged in 4 hours via it's Universal AC charger supplied, or optional vehicle or external charge cradle. This makes it the ideal companion for a mobile payments system even if you're out on the go all day long!
Find out more...

Applications... Porti P40

November 2014

Woosim P40 printer used by LTE Scientific

Woosim Porti P40 printers supplied by M-Tech Printers were exhibited at Lab Innovations 2014 held at the NEC in November.

The Porti P40 is an extremely popular, low cost, thermal panel printer. Its compact dimensions and low voltage supply make it ideal for portable measuring equipment but it's robust enough for use in relatively harsh industrial environments.
Find out more...

LTE Scientific are one of Europe's leading suppliers of laboratory and medical equipment and have been delighted with the little P40 for many years. Despite its diminutive size and low cost it quite simply never lets them down!

Lab Innovations is now in its 3rd year and brings the best and brightest from the lab industry under one roof to network learn, share best practices and see the latest innovations.

Woosim WSP-R350

November 2014

Woosim WSP-R240 printer

Last month AXIOHM-TXCOM went large with the 80mm version of their KALYPSO kiosk printer. This month it's Woosim's turn with an 80mm version of their hugely successful R240 semi rugged mobile printer.

The WSP-R350 (not illustrated) has an adjustable paper guide making it suitable for standard 57/58mm width paper rolls, or the larger 80mm rolls popular for POS applications. Initially with a choice of USB & Bluetooth or RS232C & Bluetooth, other interface options will be developed later. An integrated 3 track MSR reader is also available.

The printer's larger dimensions also means it can accommodate a bigger roll diameter and this adds over 50% to the overall roll length! The fast charging Li-ion battery pack has also been upgraded.

Samples are available now. Contact us to order yours...

WSP-R350 Printer Product Specification

New Low Cost Pocket Printer

September 2014

WSP-R241Woosim have launched a new, low cost thermal pocket printer.

Essentially, the new printer is a single-skin cased version of their semi-rugged WSP-R240 device although there are a few other important changes to the specification. Most notably, the interface is now USB instead of RS232. Of course, Bluetooth is still included as standard. It includes a Li-ion battery pack and universal AC charger (a vehicle charger option is available). The kit also includes a USB cable, belt clip and a sample paper roll so it's ready to use out of the box! The case colour of the WSP-R241 is all black to distinguish it from it's semi-rugged cousin (WSP-R240) which is a two tone, black & grey colour.

For more information take a look at the WSP-R241 page.

Securilog Printer Data Logger

May 2014

SecurilogThe Securilog Printer Data logger featured on our old website as a virtual or 'e-printer'.

We have relaunched it now under the manufacturer's brand 'Securilog'. The product has been further developed with improved software and functionality. A panel mounted version is also available and the entire range now uses the more convenient SD data card (the Micro SD card was found to be a bit too fiddly to handle).

For more information go to the Securilog page.

Terms and Conditions

April 2014

New Terms and Conditions of Sale uploaded and implemented various improvements to the general website layout.

M-Tech Printers can now offer customised, branded or fully bespoke printer design!

March 2014

Martel logoWorking with our friends, Martel Instruments, M-Tech Printers can now offer bespoke, tailored miniprinters to suit any application in small or large scale production quantities.

UK based Martel Instruments manufacture custom compact printer solutions designed to meet precise requirements. Their core range of mobile and panel mounted printers can be customised in many ways including; branding, size and shape, labeling, case colour, media type, printing performance and connectivity. For commercially viable projects, a completely bespoke design could be developed for you.

Have a look at base specifications of the Martel core products on our Martel page. then contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

FAQ Support Blog

February 2014

We have moved our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) onto a Blog page that you can now interact with directly.

If you have a question, whether it's a technical or commercial issue, and you think others would be interested in the answer, then why not post a question via our blog?

You can link direct to our blog page from here.

New M-Tech Website!

December 2013

M-Tech logoWelcome to the completely revamped version of the M-Tech Printers website.

The new site is based on HTML5 to enable the latest features of website design such as embedded media and better presentation in your browser. It incorporates responsive design to adapt to your screen resolution whether your device is a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. HTML5 semantics also aid accessibility for users who prefer the use of screen readers or other devices.

We have an exciting new layout which does not rely on third party software plugins such as Java or Javascript. We have also improved the product enquiry process and site search facilities.

We think the new site is great (obviously) but what do you think? We welcome your opinion. Please see the side panel to give us your feedback.

SATO Corporation

September 2013

SATO logo

M-Tech can now offer the SATO range of direct thermal and thermal transfer label printers. Although SATO have a large range including high spec. industrial and wide format labellers, we are, for now, concentrating on the smaller, mobile, desktop and stand alone devices.

The SATO Company profile gives more details and lists some of their product range.