MiniPrinter Applications

OEM Products

Typically this would be an impact or thermal printer mechanism with interface pcb.
This is the most cost effective way to integrate a printer into an OEM development when production quantities are likely to be measured in many hundreds of units.
The selection of the best mechanism for a given application is complex and it is strongly recommended that you contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Embedded Printers

The simplest way to integrate a printer and the most cost effective method for low volume production is with panel mounted printers. These are ready to use and fit into a simple panel cutout. Access is from the front for easy maintenance and both impact and direct thermal technologies are supported.
Kiosk Printers are the ultimate integrated or embedded printer type, designed for unattended kiosks or data terminals. All kiosk printers are accessed from behind the panel to prevent tampering. They are equipped with autocutters for reliable dispensing and optional presenters with retraction facility for additional security.

Portable Printers

These are the easiest printers to use. There is no integration required. They are fully stand-alone units connected by cable or wirelessly to your data source. They have a desktop design but the more compact units are easily kept in a pocket, or clipped to a belt. Even the larger devices can be carried in a brief case or with shoulder straps.
Rugged printers are better suited to outdoor use. They have a strengthened case to withstand drops and impact and they also offer protection against dust and moisture.
Label Printers are used with self-adhesive media. Thermal transfer print technology and variable width printing means that labels can be printed onto a wide range of materials such as paper, vinyl, fabric, etc.

Printer Selection Table

In the following table is a shortlist of embedded or portable products for common uses. Printers are listed in order of popularity for the given application.

Application Embedded Portable
LOWEST COST Porti-P40, RX-531, Asteron Porti-KT40, WSP-R241, Porti-S40
LEGACY EQUIPMENT MLX-2240, FH190, MLX-2260 MLX-8240, MLX-8260
Agriculture & Forestry FH190, MLX-PM190 Kyoline, Kyospeed, Porti-W40, WSP-i
Alarm Panels Porti-P40, FH190, MLX-PM190, PLUS2, Securilog Securilog
ATE Equipment Porti-P40, MLX-2260, PLUS2, MLX-2240 Porti-S40, Kyomouse, MLX-8260, MCP1880, MLX-8240
Banking VKP80III, RX831, Kalypso RP-630, Porti-S40, MLX-8260
Bulk Delivery Systems FH190, MLX-PM190 Kyoline, Porti-W40, WSP-i
Car Wash Systems TG02H, RX531, Kalypso RP-630, MLX-8260
Data Logging Securilog, Porti-P40, PLUS2, MLX-2260, MLX-2240 Securilog, MLX-8260, MLX-8240
Electronic Cash Registers WSP-CP300, Kalypso, TG2480H, RX831, RP-630
Electronic Fund Transfer WSP-CP300, Kalypso, TG2480H, RX831, RP-630, Porti-KT40,
Fuel Dispensing Kalypso, VKP80III, RX831 RP-630
Gaming & Lottery VKP80III, RX831, Kalypso RP-630
Healthcare Systems Porti-P40, PLUS2, Porti-P440, MLX-2260, MLX-2240 Porti-S40, Kyomouse, Porti W40
Information Kiosks Kalypso, VKP80III, RX831 ---
Industrial Panels Porti-P40, MLX-PM190, FH190, FT190, MLX-2260, MLX-2240, PLUS2, MPP-4000, Securilog ---
Kitchen Printer WSP-CP300, WSP-CP200 RP-630, MLX-8260
Labelling Kalypso, VKP80III, RX831 OS-214Plus, QL, CG4, TD
Law Enforcement Porti-P40, PLUS2 Porti-S40, WSP-R240, Kyomouse, MLX-8260
Leisure & Hospitality WSP-CP300, RP-630, WSP-i
Library Systems --- RP-630, Porti-SW45
Loyalty Systems Porti-T60, TG02, Kalypso RP-630, WSP-R241,
Medical Equipment Porti-P40, PLUS2, MLX-2260 Kyomouse, Porti-W40
Mobile Phone Printer --- WSP-R240, WSP-i series
Mobile Receipting --- Porti-KT40, Porti-S40, Porti-W40, WSP-i series
Outdoor Event --- Porti-S40, WSP-R241, WSP-i series
Outdoor Queue Busting RX531, VKP80III, TG2460H, Kalypso WSP-i series
Parking Enforcement --- Porti-KT40, Porti-S40,
WSP-i series
Parking Meters VKP80III, RX831, Kalypso ---
Point of Sale (POS) Porti-T60, Kalypso, VKP80III, RX831 RP630 (thermal),
SRP-275II (impact)
Product Labelling MLX-2260, RX531, VKP80III, TG02, Kalypso SATO CG4, OS214Plus, QL
Queueing Systems RX531, Kalypso, TG2460H RP630
Radio Messaging MLX-2260, MLX-2240 Porti-KT40, Porti-S40
Scientific Equipment Porti-P40, PLUS2, Porti-P340 Porti-S40, Porti-W40
Sports Timing WSP-CP200 WSP-i series
Standalone Printing --- TD, TH2
Taxi Receipting --- Porti-KT40, Mobile Pro
Temperature Monitoring Securilog, Porti-P40, PLUS2, MLX-2260, MLX-2240 Securilog, Kyomouse, MLX-8260, MLX-8240
Test & Measurement Porti-P40, PLUS2, PLUS4, Porti-P340, MLX-2260, MLX-2240 Porti-S40, Kyomouse, Porti-W40, MLX-8240
Toll Booths RX531, VKP80III, TG2460H, Kalypso WSP-i series, RP630
Vending Machines Kalypso, RX531, TG2460H, Porti-T60 ---
Weighing Systems MLX-2260, MLX-2240, FH190MLX-PM190 Porti W40, MLX-8240, Kyoline