Woosim WSP CP300 Panel Printer

The WSP-CP300 series Panel Printers have an 80mm wide, easy load thermal printer mechanism. The key feature is the integrated autocutter which not only brings ease of use to industrial and scientific applications but also lends itself to receipt and ticketting systems. These 'on-demand' printing applications also benefit from the printer's class leading print speed of up to 170mm per second.

Paper loading is via the Clamshell design panel front but the generous 60mm or 80mm diameter rolls drastically reduce the amount of maintenance required. The panel front incorporates power and status LEDs plus paper feed and cutter control buttons.


WSP CP360 printer

Features & Benefits

  • Direct Thermal Panel Mounted Printer
  • Integral autocutter - ideal for receipting/ticketing applications
  • Ultra High Speed (170mm/sec) - four times faster than typical panel printers
  • RS-232C, TTL, USB interface - compatible with most equipment
  • 24V DC powered - usually available in most rack systems, allows fast printing and large roll capacity
  • CLAMSHELL door design - for easy front paper loading
  • Large capacity 60 or 80mm diameter rolls - reduces maintenance, 80 metres of paper is almost 4x times longer than typical panel mounted printers
  • Drivers available for; Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, CE, Linux, Android & Blackberry - compatible with most PC based systems

WSP CP300 Specifications

Printing System Direct Thermal Panel Mounted
Case Colour(s) White (Cream)
Cutting System Autocutter, Full & Partial cut (1.5mm tab uncut at centre)
Media Thermal paper roll
Paper width 80mm
Roll Diameter 60mm 80mm
Roll Length 43m (Note *1) 80m (Note *1)
Characters per line Up to 64
Character size 9x24, 12x24 dots
Resolution 203 dpi, 8 dots/mm
Print width 3 inch (72mm, 576 dots)
Printing speed Up to 170mm/sec
Overall Dimensions (WxHxD) 113.1 x 115.2 x 66.6mm 113.1 x 136.2 x 90.1mm
Panel Cutout (WxH) 109.5 x 112.4mm 109.5 x 133.6mm
Depth behind 2mm panel (Note *2) 52.5mm 70.2mm
Weight 335g (excluding paper roll) 384g (excluding paper roll)
Interface Serial RS-232C / TTL or USB (option)
Processor & Memory MCU: 32bit RISC, FLASH: 4M bytes, RAM: 8M bytes, Data Buffer: 1 M bytes
Power Direct 24V DC, 3A (max)
Print head life 100 million pulses, 100km
Cutter life 700,000 cuts
Operating temperature -10 to +50oC
Humidity 30 to 85%


  1. The WSP-CP3x0 printers have been upgraded to WSP-CP3x1. The dimensions are the same and electrical/software funcionality is compatible with the older models which will be phased out as stock is used up.
  2. Paper roll length is approximate, based upon readily available UK sourced paper with 12.7mm core.
  3. Depth behind panel does not account for electrical connectors for which allowance must be given. Please order a printer for physical evaluation before committing to your final panel design.