MiniPrinter Product Types Explained...

MiniPrinters have a vast range of applications including; data logging, receipting, ticketting, labelling, ATE, medical, law enforcement, weighing, production control, fuel dispensing etc. In fact whenever a small format printout (up to four inches wide) is required, a miniprinter is used.

To meet the demands of such a wide range of uses, printers have developed into a number of different product types. We have listed these here and each has a dedicated page with useful descriptions, how they differ and the benefits of each group for various applications.

OEM Products

MLX-100 printer interface board

This is the most cost effective way to integrate a printer into an OEM development when production quantities are likely to be measured in many hundreds of units.

See our interface pcb's and controller chipsets for a range of popular impact dot matrix and direct thermal miniprinter mechanisms.

Panel Mounted Printers

MLX2260 panel printer

The simplest way to integrate a printer and the most cost effective method for low volume production is with panel mounted printers.

These units are ready to use and easily fixed into a simple panel cutout. Access is from the front for easy maintenance.

57, 80 & 112mm direct thermal and 57mm impact dot matrix models are available.

Kiosk Printers

REXOD Kiosk Printer

The ultimate integrated or embedded printer type is designed for unattended kiosks or data terminals.

All kiosk printers are accessed from behind the front panel to prevent tampering. They are equipped with autocutters for reliable dispensing and optional presenters with retraction facility for additional security. They can often take a very large diameter paper roll to reduce maintenance visits to replace the roll.

View our range of kiosk printers.

Mobile Printers

Woosim R240 pocket printer

These are the easiest printers to use. There is no integration required. They are fully stand-alone units connected by cable or wirelessly to your data source.

They have a desktop design but the more compact units are easily kept in a pocket, or clipped to a belt. Even the larger devices can be carried in a brief case or with shoulder straps.

See our comprehensive range of mobile printers.

Rugged Printers

WSP-i350 rugged mobile printer

Rugged printers are fully portable, battery powered, mobile printers for outdoor or physically demanding uses.

They have a strengthened case to withstand drops or impact and they also offer protection against dust and moisture ingress.

Shoulder strap options make them ideal for field events, mobile ticketing or receipting, sports trials, etc.

POS Printers

POS Receipt Printer

Point Of Sale printers have specific features that make them suitable for POS receipting. These are; desktop configuration, very high speed printing, auto-cutter, reliability and, quite often, a cash drawer output function.

Since POS printers are so specific, we have grouped them in the Point Of Sale section thus keeping them distinct from our mobile printers.

It is recognised that there is some overlap of course and we might recommend one of these devices for non-POS applications if appropriate.

Label Printers

G6000 Industrial label printer

Label printers are used with self-adhesive media from 25 to 112mm wide.

Thermal transfer print technology and variable width printing means that labels can be printed onto a wide range of materials such as paper, vinyl, fabric, etc.

Applications include; stock labelling, shelf edge labels, pricing, ATE reporting, fast food dispensing, logistics, bespoke banners, jewellery tagging, etc.

Printer Consumables

Thermal paper rolls

We support all of our printers with a matched range of top quality consumables. We offer very competitive prices for thermal and ordinary paper rolls and ink ribbons. We also have a range of printer care products such as cleaning cards, alcohol swabs, pens & wipes.

More information about printer consumables.