Point Of Sale Products

Point of Sale (POS) products include terminals, tablets, customer displays, printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners. All scanners are listed seperately in the Auto ID section. Mobile printers are in the MiniPrinter group.

Products are organised into three sections.

POS Terminals

All-in-one POS terminal

The Partner Tech all in one POS terminals are extremely popular in Point Of Sale and especially Hospitality and Leisure applications.

They have a touchscreen user interface, integral 80mm receipt printer, customer display and 3 track magnetic card reader.

There are also ports provided for connecting to a cash drawer, external printer, additional customer display unit, etc.

POS Printers

POS Receipt Printer

Point Of Sale printers have specific features that make them suitable for POS receipting. These are; desktop configuration, very high speed printing, auto-cutter, reliability and, quite often, a cash drawer output function.

Since POS printers are so specific, we have grouped them in the Point Of Sale section thus keeping them distinct from our mobile printers.

It is recognised that there is some overlap of course and we might recommend one of these devices for non-POS applications if appropriate.

POS Peripherals

Cash Drawer

POS Peripherals include customer display modules, monitors and cash drawers.

The display units inlcude simple 2 line by 20 character displays or TFT, full colour monitors.

Cash drawers are available with traditional front opening configuration, or space saving top opening design.