Auto ID Devices

Automatic Identification and Data Capture (also known as Auto ID or AIDC) is the process involved in automatically identifying objects, or information about objects and then entering that data directly into computerised systems. Technologies that are generally included into the Auto ID classification include barcodes, magnetic stripes (MCR readers), IC (smart) cards, Radio Frequency tags (RFID), biometrics, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and voice recognition.

Our products are organised into four sections.

Handheld Barcode Scanners

Handheld scanner

The handheld barcode scanners include gun type CCD and visible laser diode readers from Scantech ID (Champtek).

Handheld readers are available for linear and area imaging and with various scanning ranges with units optimised from contact up to 500mm.

Interface type can be selected with the appropriate cable, RS232, USB or Keyboard Wedge. Some types offer Bluetooth, cordless versions.

Fixed Position Barcode Scanners

Retail scanner

Omnidirectional and flatbed scanners are used in fixed installations such as production lines and most commonly in retail Point Of Sale (POS) situations.

They use a visible laser light and rotating mirrors to project a series of lines onto the barcode symbol.

We offer a range of onmidirectional and flat bed scanners manufactured by Scantech ID.

Price Verifiers

Price Verifier

Price verifiers are customer operated terminals often used in retail applications and self-service information points or kiosks.

They have either CCD or Laser barcode scan engines and are available with a range of interfaces including; serial RS232, Ethernet or WiFi.

This range of products are also manufactured by Scantech ID.

Swipe Readers

Barcode slot reader

Swipe or Slot Readers include Magnetic Card Readers (MCR) and Barcode Slot Readers.

Devices in this section are offered by Scantech ID and include 3 track MSR's with interface and cover options. The barcode slot readers share the same dimensions and fixings so can easily be used to replace existing magnetic card readers. They use an LED to scan barcodes printed on badges or ISO cards.