Introduction to Printer Consumables...

Miniprinter consumables include paper rolls, label rolls, ink ribbon cartridges, thermal transfer films and cleaning products.

The range of items is vast and unfortunately we can't stock every variant of roll size, label or ribbon. What we have done is to source top quality products to support the range of miniprinters offered.

Some, but not all, of the consumables available can be referenced from this page but if you have a specific paper roll or ink ribbon requirement please contact us and we'll do our best to source something, or to refer you to an alternative supplier.

Consumables for Impact Dot Matrix Printers...

Ordinary Paper Rolls and Ink Ribbons

Ink Ribbon Cartridge
  • Genuine manufacturer approved ink ribbons
  • Grade A quality ordinary paper rolls
  • Single, 2 part or 3 part 'Action' paper
  • Selection of paper widths & diameters
  • Ordinary Paper Rolls and Ink Ribbons

Consumables for Direct Thermal Printers...

Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal paper rolls

MaxStick Linerless Adhesive Rolls

Linerless Rolls
  • Linerless label roll
  • Produces variable length, self adhesive labels from a standard miniprinter
  • Labels can be removed and restuck multiple times
  • Leaves no residue when removed
  • Eco friendly... biodegradable & BPA-free
  • No wasted backing paper
  • MaxStick Linerless Adhesive Rolls

Consumables for Label Printers...

Label Rolls

Adhesive labels are available in a vast array of sizes, webs, colours and material. They can be plain or pre-printed on one or both sides. For this reason, M-Tech Printers do not stock label rolls. Instead we can offer a quotation for labels upon request. Our suppliers stock a vast range of popular label sizes for immediate delivery (direct to your address if required) and have a full customisation facility (subject to minimum order quantities) for bespoke sizes and pre-printed media.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons are offered in different widths and lengths to suit the machine's capacity and the width of the media used. They can be wound with the transfer layer on the outside or inside face of the film. There is also a choice of slotted or unslotted cores.

Three basic ribbon materials are available; Wax coated ribbons are commonly used for printing onto paper or card, Wax/Resin ribbons offer a higher performance for film media or paper, Resin ribbons are used in applications where high durability is required or for printing onto synthetic materials. Thermal transfer ribbons are normally black but a range of colour ribbons are also available.

The exact formulation of wax and resin is an exact science and varies with colour and the composition of the printed material. For this reason, we do not stock any thermal transfer ribbons but can recommend specialist suppliers to suit your intended application. Please contact us for more details.

Thermal Printer Cleaning Products...

IPA Thermal Head Cleaning Systems

Thermal head cleaning products
  • Range of convenience cleaning products for Thermal Printers
  • Includes; cards, wipes, swabs and cleaning pens
  • Convenience encourages regular use
  • Improves print quality
  • Reduces downtime and extends thermal printhead life
  • Approved & recommended for use by major equipment manufacturers
  • Thermal Head Cleaning Systems