MaxStick Linerless Labels

Dedicated label printers are the best way to produce large numbers of adhesive labels in demanding applications. However, there are many situations where the only hardware available is an integrated printer mechanism, panel mounted unit or even battery powered portable device.

The challenges in this situation are label registration and roll length. A number of miniprinters are now capable of black mark or hole detection. This takes advantage of a paper sensor to detect a printed mark or punched hole in the backing sheet located between each label. The onboard firmware can be programmed to print a label then advance the paper until it 'sees' this mark. It is then ready to begin printing the next label. The second issue, roll length, is not so easy to address. Typically, panel or mobile printers are so small that they can only accommodate a 40 to 50mm diameter roll giving an overall length of around 15 to 24 metres. The extra thickness of traditional label rolls with a waxed backing sheet would effectively halve the roll length for a given diameter. Most miniprinters also lack a backfeed facility which means that before label #1 can be peeled off and applied, label #2 must be printed so that the end of label #1 clears the printhead and roller assembly.

MAXStick rolls are linerless, self adhesive rolls. They do not need any registration mechanism because they are continuous rolls which, by the way, also makes them ideal for printing variable length labels (such as test reports). They have no backing so a full length roll can be employed and there is no fiddly peeling. The rolls we supply have specially formulated adhesive on the rear face of the paper. The special properties of this adhesive means it doesn't adhere to the coated front surface of the roll so it wont stick to itself! The adhesive is also designed not to migrate onto the printer's roller or the delicate thermal printhead.

The MAXStick rolls listed here are only a selection of the most popular sizes. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements.

MaxStick Linerless Labels

Features & Benefits

  • Direct thermal linerless label roll
  • Produces variable length, self adhesive labels from a standard miniprinter
  • Labels can be removed and restuck multiple times
  • Repositionable - leaves no residue when removed
  • Eco friendly... biodegradable, BPA-free - recycle after use
  • No wasted backing paper
  • Suitable for use with many direct thermal miniprinter mechanisms


For direct thermal miniprinters, mobile or fixed installation, ideal for occasional labelling or for variable length printout (such as ATE reports or analyser results).quick service restaurants, warehousing, inventory control, retail, medical, diagnostics, weighing systems, etc.

MaxStick Linerless Rolls

Type Single part, direct thermal linerless label roll
W x Dia x Core
58 x 40 x 12mm 58 x 46 x 12mm 58 x 62 x 12mm 80 x 46 x 12mm 80 x 62 x 12mm
Thickness 0.06mm (approx)
Roll length 16m 22m 48m 22m 48m
Roll weight . . . . .
Colour White (std), yellow, pink, blue, green, orange & violet
Coating Pattern Side edge
Sold by (unit) Box (6)
Print Life 10 years (archive storage conditions)