IPA Cleaning Products for Miniprinters

End user maintenance has a direct and dramatic effect on the productive life of a print head. According to a leading thermal printer manufacturer, a maintenance program can decrease print head failures by 80%. The not-so-hidden costs of neglect include lost production, customer dissatisfaction, frequent service calls, and premature equipment replacement.

In bar code printers, the main cause of premature print head failure is a build up of adhesive, label residue and other contaminants. This creates a baked-on coating that heat produced by the dots on the print head cannot penetrate. The trapped heat burns out the dots and with bar code thermal printers, failure of only two dots can render the print head useless.

Pre-saturated cleaning products make it easy for busy operators to keep up a scheduled maintenance program. Cleaning cards contain 99.9% isopropyl alcohol, are manufactured to precise specifications using approved materials and are approved by OEMs to offer reliable performance and consistent quality.

Cleaning should be convenient for operators and scheduled at consistent intervals (for example, when you change label or ticket stock). The concept behind presaturated cleaning supplies is simple, the easier it is for operators to clean Print heads, the more likely it is they will do it regularly!

Printhead Cleaning Products

Printhead cleaning products

Features & Benefits

  • Products contain up to 99.9% isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
  • Approved by major equipment manufacturers - safe to use
  • Improves print quality - by maintaining heat transfer
  • Prolongs head life - prevents build up on the head
  • Convenience - encourages regular use
  • Presaturated cards - for automatic cleaning
  • Convenient cleaning pens, wipes and swabs - offers multiple methods of cleaning


For all direct thermal and thermal transfer printers but especially useful when printing self adhesive labels or for use in dirty or dusty environments.

Print Head Cleaning Products

SPECIFICATION K2-CC57B25 K2-CC80B25 K2-CC112B25 K2-CWB100 K2-CPB1 K2-CSB25**NEW**
Type Cards Wipes Pens Swabs
Solution 99.7% Isopropyl Alcohol
Usage Single use, disposable Repeat use
W x L
57.15 x 152.4mm 79.4 x 152.4mm 101.6 x 152.4mm 127 x 133.3mm 15(OD) x 145mm 13 x 105mm
Thickness (approx) 0.305mm (Tip) 6 x 1mm 13 x 11 x 25mm
Sold by (unit) Box (25) Box (100) each Box (25)
How to use Insert card into feed path
Press paper feed
Wipe across head surface Squeeze stem to release solution into swab
Wipe swab across head surface
When to use Every time a new roll is fitted
In emergencies to correct lines or print imperfections
CAUTION Isopropyl alcohol is inflammable - Keep away from ignition sources
Allow printheads to cool before cleaning