Mylox MLX8220 & MLX8240 Portable Impact Printers

The MLX-8220 and MLX-8240 from Mylox Technologies incorporate the popular Epson M190 and M192 impact dot matrix printer mechanisms and a highly customisable interface board.

Internal, high capacity, Li-ion rechargeable batteries are accessible for user maintenance via a hatch on the underside. The printer can be operated direct from a 12V DC source such as a vehicle or from the universal AC adapter (included) with or without the batteries fitted. Paper and ink ribbon are easily changed by opening the hinged top cover. The simple and effective LED illuminated push button functions as a status indicator, paper advance and self test feature (customisable).

The standard interface is RS-232C serial but USB and Bluetooth versions are also available. This printer is highly adaptable and customised firmware, fontsets and functionality can be supplied. Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements.


MLX8240 Impact Printer

Features & Benefits

  • 57mm paper width, portable impact printer
  • Impact dot matrix mechanism - less prone to fading for archive print copy
  • Multi-ply paper capability - for audit copy printing
  • 24 or 40 column versions - offers larger vs additional characters per line
  • High Speed Impact (60chr/sec) - the fastest available impact miniprinter
  • RS232 serial, USB, & Bluetooth options - compatible with most systems
  • Internal (removeable) 2000mA Li-ion rechargeable battery - can be used with existing system power
  • Direct 12V DC charger for uninterupted operation - can be used with or without battery pack
  • Up to 50mm diameter paper - reduces down time for paper changes
  • Alternative emulation modes - like for like replacement for existing printer installations

MLX8200 Series Impact Printer Specifications

(where x=2 for 24 columns or x=4 for 40 columns)
Printing System Impact dot matrix
Ink System Ink cartridge (genuine Epson ERC-09)
Case Colour(s) Charcoal Grey
Cutting System Tear bar
Media Ordinary paper roll, Multi-ply paper roll (up to 1 original + 2 copies)
Paper width 57mm
Roll Diameter 50mm
Roll Length 19m (Note *1)
Characters per line 24 (MLX8220), 40 (MLX8240)
Resolution 240 dots/line (MLX8220), 144 dots/line (MLX8240)
Print width 2 inch (48mm)
Printing speed 60 characters/second
2.6 lines/sec (MLX8220), 1.6 lines/sec (MLX8240)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 104 x 149 x 69mm
Weight (incl. paper) 385g 290g
Interfaces RS-232C USB Bluetooth RS-232C
Flow Control Hardware or Software (XON/XOFF)
Sensors n/a
Power 2000mA h Li-ion battery
supplied with AC charger
12V DC, 3.3A 5 to 8.5V DC
Print head life 1.5 x 106 lines (MLX8220)
0.9 x106 lines (MLX8240)
Operating temp. 0 to 50°C
Humidity 10 to 80%


  1. Paper roll length is approximate, based upon readily available UK sourced paper with 12.7mm core.