REXOD RX831 Kiosk Printer Module

The RX831 is a 3 inch (80mm paper width) kiosk printer module with paper holder and autocutter. Versions are available for horizontal or vertical mounting, with 80mm or 120mm diameter roll capacities. Options include a presenter, presenter with bezel and a special bezel for queue ticket applications.

The printers are all fast (200mm/second) 24V DC powered devices with dual USB/RS232 serial interfaces. Accesories include data cables and a universal AC adapter for 110/240V installations.

The RX830-H230 has an integrated solid metal paper roll holder with the capacity for a 230mm diameter roll. This ultra large capacity is useful for unattended terminals because it can take a roll more than 3 times longer than the large 120mm roll.


REXOD RX831-H120 Kiosk printer

Features & Benefits

  • 80mm Direct Thermal Kiosk Printer
  • Paper roll holder - for simplified installation
  • Printing speed up to 200mm/second - for high speed ticket issuing
  • Presenter & bezel options - for improved reliability
  • Choice of horizontal or vertical mount - to best fit cabinet design
  • Standard, large or ultra large roll capacity - to fit small or larger enclosures
  • USB & RS-232 Interface - compatible with most equipment
  • Powered from 24V DC - for higher printing speeds & better quality
  • 5 to 55°C operating range - for use in most common environments

RX831 Specifications

SPECIFICATION RX831H80 RX831V80 RX831H120 RX831V120 RX830H230
Printing System Direct Thermal auto load
Cutting System Autocutter
Presenter Available as an option
Bezel Available as an option
Media Thermal Rolls: Paper, Die cut continuous Label
Paper width 80mm
Roll Diameter 80mm 120mm 230mm
Roll Length 80m (Note *1) 185m (Note *1) 680m (Note *1)
Paper thickness 0.06 to 0.08mm 0.05 to 0.12mm
Dots/line 576
Characters/line 24, 48, 64
Resolution 203 dpi, 8 dots/mm
Printing speed 200mm/sec
Dimensions (WxHxD)
(Note *2)
130 x 94 x 157mm 130 x 162 x 94mm 130 x 108 x 171mm 130 x 177 x 108mm 103 x 160 x 337mm
Weight (without paper) 647g 745g 647g 752g tba
Interfaces Serial: USB & RS-232C
Sensors paper end, black mark, printer head open, near paper end, cutter home
Voltage 24VDC - 110/240VAC adapter available
Current 1.7A (mean) 17.6A (peak)
Print head life 200km
Cutter life 1 million cuts
Operating temperature 5~55°C


  1. Paper roll length is approximate, based upon readily available UK sourced paper with 12.7mm core.
  2. Dimensions do not include the paper roll which will increase both the height and depth of the unit according to the radius of the preferred paper. Please refer to the user manual drawings or order a printer for physical evaluation before committing to your final cabinbet design.


  • Windows driver
  • Android library