Custom FH190 Impact Panel Printer **DISCONTINUED**

UPDATE: October 2022 - Custom have announced the end of life (eol) of the FH190 range of impact panel printers. There is an alternative range of printers (MLX-PM190II) with a very similar but not exactly the same form factor. Please note, migration to this range would also require modifications to data and power connectors and also changes in software.

Follow this link for information about the MLX-PM190 range

The FH190 from Custom SpA is based on the Epson M190 or M192 impact dot matrix printer mechanisms. Paper loading and ribbon changing is from the panel front for easy maintenance.

Available in 24 or 40 column formats, the FH190 is also available with a choice of 5VDC or 9 to 40VDC variable voltage powered versions.

The FH190 range includes a Real Time Clock for automatic time stamping functions.


Custom FH190 Impact Panel printer

Features & Benefits

  • Impact Dot Matrix Panel Mounted Printer
  • 24 or 42 column versions - standard configuration
  • Ordinary paper rolls - for long term archiving of printout
  • 57mm paper width, 50mm diameter - popular, readily obtainable consumables
  • Panel clamp fixing system - secutres the printer from behind the panel)
  • International language fonts available - for global markets
  • RS232 interface - compatible with modern systems & legacy equipment
  • Nominal 5V DC powered - ideal for battery powered portable equipment
  • Real Time Clock - for data logging applications

FH190 Specifications

SPECIFICATION FH190-24 FH190-40 FH190V-24 FH190V-40
Printing System Shuttle Head Impact Dot Matrix Panel Mounting
Case Colour(s) Black
Cutting System Integral Tear bar
Media Ordinary paper roll, single or multi-ply
Paper width 57mm
Roll Diameter 50mm
Roll Length 24m (Note *1)
Paper thickness 0.065mm
Characters per line 24 40 24 40
Resolution 144 dots/line 240 dots/line 144 dots/line 240 dots/line
Print width 2 inch (48mm)
Printing speed 2.5 lines/sec 1.5 lines/sec 2.5 lines/sec 1.5 lines/sec
Dimensions (WxHxD) 119 x 119 x 49.5mm
Panel Cutout (WxH) 112 x 112mm
Panel Thickness 5.5mm max
Depth behind max panel
(Note *2)
Weight (without paper) 362g
Interfaces Serial RS-232C, Parallel (option)
Power Requirement 5VDC 9 to 40VDC
Print head life 1.5 x 106 lines 0.9 x106 lines 1.5 x 106 lines 0.9 x106 lines
Operating temperature 0~+50°C


  • LogoMake - Windows utility to edit graphic logos & load them into flash memory
  • FontMake - Windows utility to make or edit fonts & load them into flash memory
  • UpgCePrn - Utility to update printer firmware
  • DriverManager - Windows utility to manage/remove Custom printer drivers