Custom CM Series

The Custom CM direct thermal printer mechanisms are available for use with 2 and 4 inch roll paper width formats.

They feature a metal body which gives more strength and rigidity to the mechanism, this in turn delivers a much better quality and more consistent print. The metal can also dissipate heat more quickly allowing faster print speeds and higher duty cycles. An autocutter version is available for both paper width formats making them ideal for integration into POS, ticketing and receipting applications. The range can detect pre-cut labels and the silicone rubber roller makes then compatible with Linerless continuous label stationery.

CM Series

Custom CM series thermal printer mechanisms

Features & Benefits

  • Direct thermal, 60 & 112mm printer mechanisms
  • High prinitng speed (150mm/sec) - for on demand ticket/receipting
  • High torque motor - for driving large diameter rolls
  • Metal frame (galvanized/aluminium alloy) - for consistent print quality & better heat dissipation
  • Black mark detection - for label processing
  • Silicone rubber roller - compatible with linerless label rolls
  • Auto-loading - for fast, simple paper change
  • Front or rear paper infeed - for multiple orientation
  • Controller board available

Custom CM Series Specifications

Printing System Direct Thermal
Contsruction Galvanized Aluminium alloy
Loading System Autoload
Cutting System Tear bar required Autocutter
Media Thermal Rolls: Paper, Die cut/continuous Label, Linerless label
Paper width (mm) 60 112
Max Paper dia 95mm
Paper core dia 25mm
Paper thickness 0.055 to 0.08mm
Resolution 200 dpi, 8 dots/mm
Print width 56mm/448dots 104mm/832dots
Printing speed 150mm/s
Dimensions (WxDxH)mm 108.6x60.2x40.9 111.7x79.2x74.5 160.6x60.2x40.9 165x68.7x75.4
Weight 264g . 340g .
Sensors head temperature, paper presence, print head open, paper end, (optional: near paper end sensor on the roll holder)
Power VDC 24
MCBF 50 km
Operating temp. 0 to 70°C


  • Auto-installing Driver - WinXP/Vista/7 (+64bit support) - Linux Driver
  • Remote status monitor
  • PrinterSet - Windows utility to update logos, edit characters, set operating parameters and update the printer firmware. It allows you to create a file including the different SW customizations and send them to the printer via the interface provided, for easy and fast setting.
  • FontMake - Windows utility to make or edit fonts & load them into flash memory
  • UpgCePrn - Windows Utility to update printer firmware
  • CeLinuxUpg - Linux package to update printer firmware
  • DriverManager - Windows utility to manage/remove Custom printer drivers