Custom KPM180H Ticket Printer

The Custom KPM180H is the smallest ticket printer available on the market. Ticket printers are characterised by their ability to handle thicker media such as tickets or card. The KPM180H can print on tickets up to 255gsm at 200 or 300dpi resolution. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modules are available to increase the scope of this unit.

The ejector found in the optional cutter module may be used in two modes making it extremely flexible and easy to integrate in any kiosk.

  • Cut and hold - the ticket is held after cutting until the user collects it. This function is recommended for installations where the printer is directly connected to the outside of the kiosk
  • Cut and drop - in kiosks equipped with a ticket outlet chute, the ejector can be programmed to eject the ticket and drop it.


Custom KPM180H Ticket printer

Features & Benefits

  • 20 to 82.5mm Compact Thermal Ticket Printer
  • 35, 45, 53, 64, 68 & 96 characters per line - for most ticket formats
  • Available with 200 or 300 dpi head - for standard or very high quality printing
  • Printing speed up to 200mm/second - for very high speed ticket issuing
  • Paper thickness from 60 to 255gsm - easily handles tickets or card
  • Paper tearoff, cutter or ejector options - for a choice of applications
  • Up to 200mm diameter roll capacity - to reduce maintenance
  • USB, RS-232, Ethernet with WiFi & Bluetooth Interface options - compatible with most equipment
  • Powered from 24V DC - for higher printing speeds & better quality
  • -20 to +70°C operating range - for use in demanding environments

KPM180H Specifications

Printing System Direct Thermal auto load
Cutting System Autocutter and presenter options
Media Thermal Rolls: Paper, Die cut continuous Label rolls or fanfold
Paper width 20~82.5mm
Roll Diameter 200mm
Roll Length 350m (Note *1)
Paper thickness 0.070 to 0.255mm
Characters per line 35, 45 & 64 53, 68 & 96
Resolution 203 dpi, 8 dots/mm 300 dpi, 12 dots/mm
Print width up to 80mm 640 dots up to 80mm 960 dots
Printing speed 200mm/sec 150mm/sec
Dimensions (WxHxD)
(Note *2)
108 x 67 x 97.5mm
108 x 67 x 149mm (with cutter/presenter)
Weight (without paper) 800g
1.5kg (with cutter/presenter)
Interfaces Serial: USB & RS-232C, Ethernet
WiFi /Bluetooth module options
Sensors Head temperature, paper presence, mobile detectors of black mark or translucent gap/hole (setting by software), cover open, external low paper
Power Requirement 24VDC
Print head life 100km
Operating temperature -10~+60°C


  • CuPowerTool - Windows software to enable layout creation (Windows 7 & above). Also managing/printing API for created layouts (Windows, Android, iOS & Linux).
  • Ce Driver remove tool - allows removal of any printer drivers from Windows system
  • CePrnStatusMonitor - Remote Status Monitor
  • PrinterSet - Windows utility to update logos, edit characters, set operating parameters and update the printer firmware. It allows you to create a file including the different SW customizations and send them to the printer via the interface provided, for easy and fast setting.
  • UpgCePrn - Windows Utility to update printer firmware
  • DriverManager - Windows utility to manage/remove Custom printer drivers
  • CeLinuxUpg - Linux package to update printer firmware