Custom KPM216HII A4 Document Printer

The KPM216HII is an A4 or US Letter width thermal document printer. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically for use in slim kiosks. An autocutter and fully featured presenter means it can be used reliably in unattended terminals. Documents can be looped and retracted if not claimed (to preserve the customer's private information).

Features include a choice of 200 or 300dpi heads and Dot Damage Prevention function to prevent any dots subject to stress (eg by special printouts, like graphics and tables) from wearing out.

The Custom range of kiosk printers can be operated at an industry leading temperature range of -20 to +70°C. This makes them ideal for demanding industrial and field use in extreme environments.


Custom KPM216HII A4 Document printer

Features & Benefits

  • 194/216mm, A4/US letter, Thermal Document Printer
  • 88, 123, 131, 160, 182 & 236 characters per line - for full sized document printing
  • Available with 200 or 300 dpi head - for standard or very high quality printing
  • Printing speed up to 170mm/second - for very high speed document issuing
  • Full featured loop presenter - avoids paper jams clearing the paper outlet through retracting the uncollected printout or through retracting it inside the kiosk for protecting the privacy of the user
  • Up to 180mm diameter roll capacity - to reduce maintenance
  • USB, RS-232, Ethernet options - compatible with most equipment
  • Powered from 24V DC - for higher printing speeds & better quality
  • -20 to +70°C operating range - for use in demanding environments

KPM216HII Specifications

Printing System Direct Thermal auto load
Cutting System Autocutter and presenter options
Media Thermal Rolls: Paper
Paper width 194~216mm (8.5inch Letter)
Roll Diameter 180mm
Roll Length 400m (Note *1)
Paper thickness 0.063 to 0.085mm
Characters per line 88, 123 & 160 131, 182 & 236
Resolution 203 dpi, 8 dots/mm 304 dpi, 12 dots/mm
Print width up to 200mm 1600 dots up to 200mm 2400 dots
Printing speed 170mm/sec 120mm/sec
Dimensions (WxHxD)
(Note *2)
274.5 x 83 x 232mm (horizontal mount)
274.5 x 107 x 208mm (vertical mount)
Weight (without paper) 4.8kg
Interfaces Serial: USB & RS-232C, Ethernet option
Sensors paper end, last ticket, black mark, ticket presence (optional near paper end sensor)
Power Requirement 24VDC
Print head life 100km
Operating temperature -12~+70°C


  • CuPowerTool - Windows software to enable layout creation (Windows 7 & above). Also managing/printing API for created layouts (Windows, Android, iOS & Linux).
  • Ce Driver remove tool - allows removal of any printer drivers from Windows system
  • CePrnStatusMonitor - Remote Status Monitor
  • LogoMake - Windows utility to edit graphic logos & load them into flash memory
  • FontMake - Windows utility to make or edit fonts & load them into flash memory
  • UpgCePrn - Windows Utility to update printer firmware
  • DriverManager - Windows utility to manage/remove Custom printer drivers
  • CeLinuxUpg - Linux package to update printer firmware