Trentino PRN245Z Interface PCB

The PRN245Z is similar to the PRN608 interface but for use with the Seiko version of this classic mechanism, LTP245Z.


PRN245Z interface board

Features & Benefits

  • Supports Seiko LTP245Z thermal printer mechanism
  • Low cost - for budget developments
  • Full RS-232C Communication - compatible with most systems
  • Data transfer rate to 115,200 baud - ultra fast serial comms despite low cost
  • Print speed & quality adjustable to save power - allow compromise on print speed to reduce power requirement
  • Connections for status LED and paper feed push button - for enhanced user feedback & control

PRN245Z Specifications

Mechanisms Supported Seiko LTP-245Z
Printer Type Direct Thermal, Easy Load
Characters per line 24, 30, 42cpl (selectable)
Paper Width 58mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 65 x 35 x 10mm
Interface Serial RS-232C (115200 baud)
Command Set Trentino Systems
Barcodes CODE 39
Operating Voltage 4.5 to 8.5 V DC (+/- 10%)
Power Consumption Standby 100mA, Max limit programmable
Operating Temperature 0 to 70 °C - 10~90%RH
Approvals CE, UL,
EMC & ESD EN50081-1-1, EN50081-1-2, EN50082-1-1, EN50082-1-2, EN50083-1-3, IEC601-1-2