Introduction to Trentino Systems...

Danish company Trentino System's product range includes; interface boards, single chip (IC) solutions and presenter units.

Their designs feature full or bespoke emulations, graphics and high speed printing. They have a fast time to market for new designs and a high volume production facility. Trentino interfaces are available for Parallel or serial communication, including USB & Bluetooth.

Most mechanisms are supported, including miniprinters from APS, Axiohm, Citizen, Epson, Fujitsu Components and Seiko Instruments.

Trentino OEM Interfaces...


PRN-608, Interface board for Fujitsu & Seiko Miniprinters
  • Supports Fujitsu FTP628MCL101, FTP628MCL103, FTP638MCL101& FTP638MCL103
  • Low cost
  • Small footprint
  • 4.2 to 8.5V DC
  • RS-232C up to 115200
  • RoHS Compliant, CE & UL approved
  • PRN-608 Product Specification


PRN-245Z-SR interface board
  • Compact RS-232C Interface board
  • Supports Seiko LTPZ245 thermal mechanism
  • Low cost
  • Print speed & print quality adjustable to save power
  • Powered by a single DC supply (5.0 to 9.5V)
  • Trentino PRN-245Z-SR Product Specification